Traveler not a Tourist

Going to Chitwan was immensely a different experience for me. Trip started with some good vibes and I had no tip or two about the things I was about to shoot. My mates I traveled with were real straight forward about the things , they managed their hands on the equipment , lenses necessary. They were shooting wildlife and all.

Going through the jungles, a guide pointing at some bird, telling about some stuffs and we pointing our cameras at that bird shooting some pictures made me felt like a tourist rather than a traveler.

So I started connecting the wildlife with some human influenced objects. Some were from the ride I was on. They are basically street photographs but with the fusion of nature. I still remember on an elephant ride, my friends they were shooting deers and there was me looking curiously at the strap connected to that elephant`s belly and the seat we were on, keeping us intact  with the elephant.

This trip was an eye opener that I am not a wildlife type photographer at all. Many people say it out of a blue but I did get chance to experience this feeling like for real and I know its my heart that`s saying it.



I have always been triggered with this specialty of Darkness. The mystery that it creates and the secrets that it beholds. Those separation of light and shades , those shades emerging beautifully yet mysteriously with the background. ‘Light Comes From The Dark’ which has stroked me every since I have heard Roger Ballen said it. Darkness is the truth and it is inevitable.

The project where I got to experience with this darkness, creating something out of it and using some surreal lights on the subject. And I did get some amazing results out of  it.