Every time I travel through the Gallis of Bhaktapur, the fear of getting lost in them has been inevitable. It is like a maze but you know there`s an end to it, yet the claustrophobic feeling that I have in me while getting through one. The feeling as if the walls would get narrower and I would get trapped in them. For which I have started the series with the pictures having more negative space to the last where it gets narrower. I know most of those dark and congested alleys yet I keep finding new alleys that I haven’t been to before. This thing of getting lost in my own city and its anxiety makes me want to take pictures of them so I never forget the place. The pictures I took at the moment was when I really felt lost in them and I believe these pictures get the viewers lost in themselves, trying to know what they are before reading this context. And the moment from when they see these pictures, confused, to knowing what they really are. This moment I find it real crucial in revealing its abstractness to the title LOST. People to whom I have shown and explained this series asked me, “Why not found then?” To which my answer is, “You must get lost to be found.”


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