Looking at the Personal Objects

Looking at these objects seems to tell a story about myself. It has to be declination in my religious side to the darker side that I`m currently heading to. Deep thoughts that seem to be devouring me. When the intensity of red is getting darker until there`s very few red left, relevant to sanity. Red describes the anxiety that I have within, its intensity and amount changes from object to object. The glass objects seemed transparent but filling them with wine give them that level of darkness. Most objects seem to be freezed in the mid air. I guess that`ll be me, hung in some sort of situation that I couldn`t fight back with, quarter-filled showing the life span I`ve lived. The scent that seems to be pungent to those who seems to have no idea about exploring. I will call my life a exploration, the curiosity to freeze time and manipulate its orientations for the sake of making a story, a story about me. And that`s my sanity.


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