City Of Lights

Getting around town. Knowing the city better. Bhaktapur where the light and the people are fused in an inseparable way. Where the darkness welcomes the soft lights. A real good time for making low light pictures. Walking around with the single 18-135 mm kit lense, pushing it to its limit. A good time spent and a whole lot of things learned,

“City Of Lights”

This city has always intrigues me with its relation of Light and Dark.Getting out on the same location to shoot has always been a different experience. Sometimes its all brightened up with lights and lamps. Sometimes its all darkened with hardly any light. The idea was to shoot the grey point between these two elements.That light from a small fire were the way for me to do it.
                            The Light from those चिलाख ( basically fire lightened on a metal stick) were my search for the pictures not only because they were perfect technically speaking about light and dark but metaphorically too. चिलाख also called मुस्यान. चिलाख when there is some religious performance like in these pictures and entitled मुस्यान which represents death as it is a must to be taken when some dies while the body is being taken to the cemetery.

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